Land Rover—2007 to 2009MY Discovery 3 & Ranger Rover Sport - High pressure fuel injector pump (extension of PRA2009/10962)

PRA number: 2010/12122
Date published: 11th November 2010

Product information

Product description

2007 to 2009MY Discovery 3 (LA412306-LA512711)

2007 to 2009MY Range Rover Sport TDV6 (LS983192 - LS99999 & LS100000 - LS215295)

Identifying features

Capaign Number: P021
Target Number: 196

What are the defects?

The above vehicles' high pressure fuel pumps may fail due to poor lubrication of the front bearing. Initially the driver may experience an unusual engine noise from the engine compartment. Fuel may leak via the fuel pump front seal onto the rear of the engine or onto the ground under the vehicle. It may reduce engine performance and other low fuel pressure related drivability concerns which will normally be accompanied by a Malfunction Indicator Lamp being displayed. The driver may also experience a diesel odour.

What are the hazards?

Vehicle Malfunction

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally


Jaguar Land Rover Australia

What should consumers do?

Contact your local Land Rover dealer.