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Nissan—C11 Tiida, D40 Navara & R51 Pathfinder

PRA number: 2010/12094
Date published: 28th October 2010

Product information

Product description

C11 Tiida vehicles produced in Japan.
D40 Navara and R51 Pathfinder produced in Europe.

Identifying features

VIN Ranges:

C11 Tiida
JN1BBAC11A0100013 - JN1BBAC11A0103267
JN1FBAC11A0000010 - JN1FBAC11A0003883

D40 Navara
VSKCLAD40A0025460 - VSKCLAD40A0119258
VSKCLND40A0033906 - VSKCLND40A0118785

R51 Pathfinder
VSKJLWR51A0007409 - VSKJLWR51A0119527

Note: Not all vehicles in the above ranges are included.

Campaign Numbers:
C11 Tiida -1033
D40 Navara - PS0BF
R51 Pathfinder - PS0BF

Target Numbers:
C11 Tiida -6,539
D40 Navara - 998
R51 Pathfinder - 2,083

What are the defects?

A concern affecting the intelligent power distribution module (IPDM) relay has been identified. There is a possibility that the ignition relay contacts in the IPDM may become contaminated with a build up of silicon oxide due to silicon evaporating from the relay diode. This can lead to poor conduction at the relay contacts.

What are the hazards?

In the extreme case, the resulting poor contact can potentially result in the engine stalling and failure to restart the vehicle.

Dates available for sale

  • 30th March 2004 - 28th June 2006

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally
  • Northern Territory

Traders who sold this product

All authorised Nissan Australian dealers


Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Nissan will shortly mail directly to the owners of affected vehicles advising them to return the vehicle to a Nissan dealer to have the relay replaced free of charge with a counter-measure part. In the meantime, should any consumers experience difficulties, they can contact a Nissan dealer or our Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 035 035.