Honda—2007 Legend Sedan

PRA number: 2010/12093
Date published: 28th October 2010

Product information

Product description

2007 Legend Sedan vehicles

Identifying features

Identification Plate Number: 35889

VIN Range: JHMKB16507C200040 - JHMKB16507C204774

Campaign Number: 5LB
Target Number: 482

What are the defects?

It is possible that the rubber seal portion at the rear end of the brake master cylinder may turn and brake fluid may leak from the seal portion, causing the warning light to be illuminated.

What are the hazards?

In the worst case scenaro, the defect may cause brake force reduction.

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally


Honda Australia Pty Ltd

What should consumers do?

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by mail.

Owners are advised to contact their authorised Honda Dealership for replacement of the brake master cylinder.