Seeley International Pty Ltd—Braemar Paradigm Rooftop Evaporative Coolers

PRA number: 2002/5802
Date published: 6th November 2002

Product information

Product description

Sold throughout Australia. It is believed the product which is at issue was manufactured after a plug-socket design change implemented on 4 January 2002.

What are the defects?

A potential safety issue has been identified in relation to the fitment and final positioning of the Fan-Motor assembly into the Tank of the installed evaporative cooler.

What are the hazards?


Where the product was sold

  • Nationally


Seeley International Pty Ltd

What should consumers do?

Service agents will attend each installation and undertake a rework using a modified connection that eliminates the safety risk. For further information cotact Seeley International on Tel: (08) 8276 2355.