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Holden—VE & VZ Series Vehicles—LPG Service Valve Hand Tap

PRA number: 2007/9185
Date published: 10th April 2007

Product information

Product description

Restricted VE & VZ Series vehicles with a Holden factory fitted LPG system that were built between November 2006 and April 2007 inclusive. REVISED: APA Manufacturing Pty Ltd the supplier of LPG Autogas Cylinders to Holden has advised that additional cylinders have been found to be fitted with the same potentially defective Service Valve Hand Tap.

What are the defects?

The LPG service valve hand tap may have been manufactured with undersized o-rings.

What are the hazards?


Where the product was sold

  • Nationally


GM Holden Ltd

What should consumers do?

The owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by letter at their last registered address. REVISED: Customer letters will be mailed to the owners of additional vehicles identified.

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