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Why subscribe?

Subscribing to the pages or recalls that interest you will mean that you will be alerted when updates have been posted to our site.

Email alert versus RSS feeds

Advantages of email alerts are:

  • you can restrict your alerts to more specific sub-categories.  For example, if you own a Ford then you will most likely only be interested in subscribing to the Ford category, rather than the more general Cars, boats, bikes category.

Disadvantages of email alerts are:

  • the email alerts run once a day only, so if you want information more quickly than this, RSS feeds might better suit your needs.
  • if you already receive a lot of emails, you may not want additional emails cluttering up your mailbox.

Advantages of RSS feeds are:

  • you can be sent an update every hour via your RSS reader software.
  • your RSS reader is separate software, so you can easily keep all of your RSS feeds together.

Disadvantages of RSS feeds are:

  • you can only subscribe to the higher level recall categories, which means your feed reader may alert you to information that is not quite as specific as you might like.  For example, if you want to know about Fords, you will have to subscribe to Cars, boats and bikes and you will be sent alerts for all recalls in that category.

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