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Territory Day Bracelet

Territory Day promotional light-up bracelets recalled due to battery hazard

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is urging consumers to immediately stop using recalled Territory Day promotional light-up bracelets due to battery ingestion and insertion hazard.

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ACCC warns of recalled winter products

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is encouraging consumers to check the Recalls Australia website or download the Recalls Australia app so they can warm up safely this winter.

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Textiles recalled after tests for azo dyes

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently tested common clothing and textile goods for specific dyes used in the manufacturing process. The ACCC found a small number contained unacceptable concentrations of certain azo dyes, which are known to break down to carcinogenic compounds called aromatic amines.

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ACCC warns of unsafe Remington rifles

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is alerting consumers that Remington USA has recalled certain rifles that may have an unsafe trigger mechanism. The recall has been updated, on 23 May 2014, with additional information on the trigger replacement program and further safety information.

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DC Isolators linked to house fires

The Queensland Attorney-General signed a recall order on 8 May 2014 requiring Advancetech Pty Ltd to recall and replace ten models of Avanco brand dc isolators that may be used in solar power systems.

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Samsung Re-advertises Top Loading Washing Machine Recall

Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd has encouraged consumers with recalled Samsung top loading washing machines to avoid the risk of fire by contacting Samsung to get the machines fixed.

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Warning about Infinity and Olsent-branded "TPS" and "orange circular" electrical cable

State and Territory electrical safety regulators across Australia have warned electricians and contractors not to use Infinity and Olsent-branded "TPS" or "orange circular" cable.