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Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd—Rechargeable Battery Pack CF-VZSU61U

PRA number: 2016/15199
Date published: 10th February 2016

Product information

Product description

Rechargeable Battery Pack CF-VZSU61U for CF-S10 Panasonic Toughbook Computer

Identifying features

All CF-VZSU61U batteries sold in Australia with manufacturing lot numbers BAW, BBF, BBX, BBY, BC, C1 C2 and C3. The part number and lot manufacturing number may be found on the sticker attached to the battery.

What are the defects?

There is a risk that the rechargeable battery pack may overheat cause smoke or may ignite.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, there is a risk of a fire or a burn hazard to consumers and to the CF-S10 Panasonic Toughbook Computer

Dates available for sale

  • 1st April 2012 - 1st June 2013

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Multi Media Technology Pty Ltd (Distributor of Panasonic Toughbook Computer Products)


Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Immediately turn off the CF-S10 Panasonic Toughbook Computer and inspect it to see if it contains the defective battery with the part number CF-VZSU61U.

Remove the battery and only use the Computer with the AC Adapter, power cord and mains supply power until the battery is replaced.

Contact Panasonic to determine if you are affected and to arrange a free replacement battery.

Contact Panasonic on the toll free number 1300 665 507 Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6.00pm (AEST) or via email at panasonicCFH2battery@panasonic.mailus.com.au or go to www.panasonic.com.au

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