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Honda Motor Co Ltd—Honda Accord Hybrid

PRA number: 2015/14930
Date published: 30th September 2015

Product information

Product description

MY 2015 Honda Accord FHEV

Identifying features

Campaign number: 5ZF
Target number: 53
See attached VIN Range

What are the defects?

Due to electrical 'noise', the vehicle may suddenly switch to fail-safe EV mode while cruising at highway speed, causing the internal combustion engine to shut off with visual and audible warnings. Although there will be a sudden loss of power, the electric motor will provide power steering and braking. The maximum speed will be limited to approximately 60km/h.

What are the hazards?

Once in fail-safe EV mode, the vehicle will only be able to travel for a short period of time before the battery discharges, posing an accident hazard to the driver and other road users.

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Authorised Honda dealers


Honda Motor Co Ltd

What should consumers do?

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by mail in accordance with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Code of Practice and advised to take their vehicle to a Honda dealer.

Advertisements and supporting documentation

VIN Range.pdf (87.9 KB)