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Big W—Peter Morrissey Baby Girls Applique Top

PRA number: 2015/14614
Date published: 19th March 2015

Product information

Product description

Peter Morrissey Baby Girls Gold Heart Applique Long Sleeve Top

Identifying features

Keycode / Article Number: 0030362

What are the defects?

The press stud may become loose during use resulting in it detaching from the garment.

What are the hazards?

The detached press stud may pose a potential choking hazard.

Dates available for sale

  • 5th February 2015 - 17th March 2015

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Big W


Big W

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Customers should immediately cease using the Peter Morrissey Baby Girls Applique Top and return it to any Big W store for a full refund.

Advertisements and supporting documentation

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