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DC Isolators linked to house fires

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The Queensland Attorney-General signed a recall order on 8 May 2014 requiring Advancetech Pty Ltd to recall and replace ten models of Avanco brand dc isolators that may be used in solar power systems.


The recall order was made after investigations identified an internal fault at the switching contacts causing overheating and fires.


The recalled DC isolators have been linked to a number of house fires.


DC isolators are switches that are used to stop electrical currents from being supplied to certain equipment, such as solar panels, during installation and repairs.


Consumers are being urged to check the brand of isolator connected to their solar panels, shut down their solar power system and leave it shut down until the isolator is replaced.


For details on how to safely check your DC isolator, view instructions from the Queensland Electrical Safety Office here


You do not need an electrician to shut the system down. However, you should seek assistance if you are unsure of how to safely carry out the shutdown procedure. Once the system is shut down it is electrically safe.


If you have any concerns about whether your unit may be affected please contact your supplier/installer for further information.


Additional information can be found here:


There have also recently been a number of recalls on other DC isolators for similar issues.


View the recall notices here:

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Date Published: 25th March 2015