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phil&teds—TS26 Car Seat Adaptor

PRA number: 2014/14063
Date published: 15th April 2014
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Product information

Product description

Travel system adaptor for attaching an infant car seat to a stroller.

Identifying features

A label on the right side travel system adaptor is titled "TS26".

What are the defects?

Under certain conditions, the TS26 adaptors may break or crack on impact, causing the infant car seat to dislodge or fall from the stroller.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs whilst in use, an infant may fall and suffer serious injury.

Dates available for sale

  • 1st April 2013 - 30th March 2014

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Specialist juvenile products retailers


phil&teds most excellent buggy company

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Consumers should cease using their TS26 Carseat Adaptors immediately and register online at www.philandteds.com/support to receive a FREE replacement TS26.