Fluke Corporation—Fluke-28IIEX

PRA number: 2013/13530
Date published: 2nd April 2013

Product information

Product description

Intrinsically safe digital multimeter

Identifying features

Serial number range 20960000 to 22489999

What are the defects?

Over time the plastic instrument case may develop cracks near the screws on the back of the unit.

What are the hazards?

If cracks develop and if used in an explosive dust environment (IEC/EU: Zone 21, and US/CA: Class II, Division 1), ingress of conductive dust may cause a short circuit that could ignite an explosive atmosphere surrounding the unit, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Specialist electrical wholesalers and retail outlets


Fluke Corporation

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

If you own one of these digital multimeters, please stop using it immediately even if you have not experienced problems and follow the instructions below: Visit http://www.fluke.com/fluke/usen/support/service/default.htm to contact your local service center. You will be sent a new 28 II Ex Digital Multimeter to replace your existing unit.