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Mazda Australia Pty Limited—Mazda 6

PRA number: 2013/13516
Date published: 25th March 2013

Product information

Product description

GJ Mazda 6 Sedan and Wagon

Identifying features

JM0GJ10*100100010 to JM0GJ10*100109302

What are the defects?

A component inside the DC/DC converter (located under the front passenger seat) may be faulty.

What are the hazards?

As a result of the DC/DC converter possibly not working properly, there is a risk of fire.

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Authorised Mazda dealers


Mazda Australia Pty Limited

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Mazda dealers will contact consumers (commencing Monday evening 25th March) to arrange for an authorised representative to meet with them at a mutually convenient time and location. Mazda will provide consumers with a courtesy car until their cars have been repaired.

Mazda will also advise owners of this campaign via letter, email and sms.

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